Lily Jade // Featuring The Shaylee Diaper Bag


I was walking through Target (of course) the other day and a girl came up to me and asked where I got my diaper bag, and if it was even a diaper bag. I of course then spilled my love for Lily Jade and she couldn’t believe how amazing my bag was. She thought it was so cool that it was so versatile and that I could wear it different ways. I was carrying around the Shaylee diaper bag in brandy and gold for the first time out and about and it made me so happy to know that it isn’t just me who thinks that these bags are showstoppers!

Like every Lily Jade diaper bag there are plenty of ways to wear it! I always love the backpack carry because it leaves me hands free to tend to Juni so much easier! Any way you wear it is so comfortable, like the messenger carry and side purse carry. That extra adjustable leather strap makes it so convenient for any occasion and with a 10 month old you look for any which way to make things convenient!

With every Lily Jade bag I own, whenever I receive it in the mail I am still so shocked by the beauty of the leather! I know I have already raved about the quality many times but it really is unmatched! They use premium grade leathers made in New York leaving variances in the leather which means no two bags are the same. It is such great quality to last me through the baby years and for our future babies too! Nothing artificial here with Lily Jade and I love that about them! With the reinforced stiching and tucked leather for the handles and straps, when investing in a Lily Jade bag, you know you are getting way more value for every dollar since they truly bring quality first!

Lily Jade always prides themselves off of being functional and beautiful and they never disappoint in those areas! With all the bags I have from Lily Jade there is not one that I have had an issue with storage. Each bag fits so much without making it feel bulky! The Shaylee is no different. It has one extra large exterior zippered pocket, two large exterior magnetic pockets, a zippered interior pocket and two interior open pockets. It also comes with that adjustable, detachable extra long strap I was talking about which they have made wider for additional comfort!

The Shaylee also has their signature plush jade liner which is also top notch quality! The removable and machine washable twelve pocket diaper caddy and changing pad that comes with it is also in the jade and I just love it! I can’t even tell you enough how much I have utilized the diaper caddy and changing pad. It has come in handy in so many situations on the go! The diaper caddy really helps me keep all of Juniper’s things organized and in place which is always helpful so I’m not digging around for stuff I can’t find!

I can’t even pick a favorite these days because each bag is just so amazing! I can’t wait to head into this fall season using this beauty! The color is gorgeous and perfect with the gold hardware and it will make a perfect fall season wardrobe must have!

Click {HERE} to check out and shop the Shaylee in brandy and gold by Lily Jade.