Lily Jade // Featuring The Madeline Diaper Bag


With so many options for baby gear in general these days picking out a diaper bag was a no brainer for me. I have been a huge fan of Lily Jade for a couple years now, watching mama friends obsess and gush over how much they love using such a great quality, stylish and practical bag for their little ones. 

So it comes to no surprise how utterly excited I am so be able to be a Lily Jade ambassador and share with you a little about the diaper bag I chose to hold all of Juniper’s little things once she arrives and why I love it so much!


Though I am ALL about practicality, I also don’t like compromising style at the same time and Lily Jade is all about designing diaper bags that you don’t have to forgo either and I LOVE that! I am pretty sure people wouldn’t even recognize this beauty as a diaper bag in the first place (very clever Lily Jade). I personally have been in love with The Madeline Bag in the Camel & Gold for a long time. It is so beautiful and I just love how rich the colors are with the leather and gold hard ware. They have different color options for leather and hard wear combos which you can shop and see {HERE}.

Not only is the bag itself stylish, but I love that there are options in ways to carry the bag however you want, which not only adds to the style aspect but also adds to the functionality factor! Personally I have found to love the backpack carry conversion the best so far, just because it is going to give me free hands to do what I need to as a mom and that is more than helpful! It also evenly distributes the weight of the bag on both my shoulders which I love also. The bag comes with a detachable extra long strap to make this backpack conversion happen and you can watch the tutorial {HERE} to see how it works. You can also use the detachable strap for a messenger carry conversion option or you can simply wear the bag on your shoulder with the two shoulder straps. All these options are seriously a game changer! 

I know that becoming and being a mom is going to require me to carry a LOT of stuff wherever I go, so knowing that this diaper bag offers the space I need with out making me look like I’m carrying around luggage 24/7 is a HUGE plus! I can basically fit my life in this bag. Though there are some other Lily Jade bag choices that have quite a few more exterior pockets, the Madeline has four large exterior pockets and one small exterior pocket which is perfect for my water bottle, phone, tablet etc. It also has two large interior pockets with a small zippered pocket as well, not to mention it also has a twelve pocket… thats right TWELVE POCKET organizer insert thats removable! Um, yeah I definitely won’t have a problem fitting all of Juniper’s things in here along with my own things I need too! 

Let’s just talk about this insert for a second though you guys! With the Madeline bag the lining is a beautiful Jade color making it bright and vibrant so you can see everything in your bag so you’re not fishing around for hours trying to look for your keys (story of my life). This removable insert is machine washable, comes with a matching washable changing pad and it can fit so many baby essentials! What else can you ask for am I right? It is such a well organized design that was carefully thought out for moms. I’m even seriously contemplating using this as my camera bag until Juniper gets here too and its great to know that I can always take the insert out and use it as just a purse as well. 

These bags are definitely made to last and it shows. The high quality of the soft leather is to die for and smells amazing (which I love the smell of leather). Its beautiful built from the inside out and knowing I can use this bag not only for Juniper, but for our future babes too makes me so happy!

You can tell I’m super excited about this diaper bag can’t you? I can’t even wait to pack up all the things I need for the hospital for when Juniper arrives, and use this bag for years to come! 

If you want to know a little bit more about Lily Jade click {HERE}.