Road Tripping With Lily Jade // Featuring the Anna Backpack in Black


For those of you who know us, know that we love to travel. Whether it be a road trip, camping or jet setting off somewhere, we are all about experiencing places. We of course have been so excited to begin traveling with Juniper and one of the first little trips we’ve wanted to take with her is a road trip up the coast to Big Sur / Monterey / Carmel. It was one of the first road trips Dan and I took together when we were first married and wanted it to be our first experience with our little love. Getting to pack up and take her on the road with us to experience it brought us both so much joy! Getting ready for this trip was made easy with our Lily Jade bags, specifically the Anna Backpack in black.

I know I have chatted your ears off of how much we love Lily Jade, but it’s just because I REALLY do! Each bag we’ve used I have loved and they are with out a doubt our favorite. I recently wrote a little about the Anna Backpack and all its glory and features already which you can find . In case you miss that post though, I will reiterate some of the reasons why I love this bag and also why I loved bringing it on this road trip with us!

I anticipated road tripping with a little one to require a little more packing, some extra items to bring along and to try my best to make everything as easy and accessible as possible. With the help of Lily Jade’s Anna Backpack, it checked each of those boxes! It helped make packing easy with the space I needed for all the items I wanted to bring in the car and with all the organized compartments, it made it easy to access what I needed when I needed it.

The medium Anna Backpack seemed to be the perfect size to bring along on this trip. I was able to use it to pack up what I needed for the entire car ride complete with toys, books, extra clothing, burp cloths, diapers, wipes, a changing pad etc… as well as still not having it feel super bulky or overflowing when I needed to bring it in with me on a pit stop! The color is also so beautiful too. I love how sleek and timeless the black looks with the silver hardware, it was so versatile with anything I wore on the trip.

The compartments on this backpack have one exterior front zipper pocket, two exterior large open side pockets for bottles or tumblers, one interior zipper pocket in the front compartment, two interior slip pockets in the front compartment, one interior slip pocket in the back compartment and one exterior magnetic pocket for extra storage. There is plenty of space for organization which is so great and really fits well with my obsessive need to have everything organized. These compartments were my life savor on this trip. With having to travel with extra stuff and be in the car for a long period of time, making sure everything was in a proper place really helped on the go!

The black Anna Backpack is actually made out of premium nylon and is trimmed with black full grain leather. I absolutely love the nylon! It is so durable and made for the perfect bag for traveling! The leather trim and straps also gave it dimension and extra texture. This backpack also comes with an extra strap for a crossbody carry option as well that is also leather and of course a gorgeous double sided leather tassel with a natural stone bead and individually cast logo bead. This bag, like the camel Anna Backpack, has their signature plush jade liner which is not thin and doesn’t feel cheap, it’s made of amazing quality!

I know that I have said this before, but you guys, these bags are designed and built to last! The quality is unmatched and the bags that they offer are so high in quality that you are really getting way more value at a price that is lower than it should be! Trust me when I say that this is one of the only brands that my bags still looked untouched and brand new! How amazing is that? Even after this road trip, my backpack looks like I just pulled it out of the box and this bag was in and out of the car, it went on hikes and carried all our baby goods and water bottles, was in and out of the stroller storage etc. It held up through everything!

This bag made a perfect travel companion while driving the coast highway of Big Sur, exploring and hiking in Monterey and visiting the beach and shopping in Carmel! We love that it helped us bring Juniper on her first road trip with us and also made it as easy as possible on us too! It will most definitely be the first one I reach for on our next trip!

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