What's In Our Diaper Bag // Diaper Bag Essentials // Featuring Lily Jade's Meggan Diaper Bag


Before Juniper got here I asked fellow moms what they kept or carried around in their diaper bags on the go. So many gave helpful tips on what they made sure they had at all times or items they simply don’t leave home with out! Well it took us a few times going out to realize things we need to have on hand, or carry extras of (cue the fussy baby since we forgot the extra paci)! Even though every baby is different and some little ones might need certain things over others, I figured I would share with you all what our diaper bag essentials are!

First off our main essential is our diaper bag itself! We love our Lily Jade diaper bags for so many reasons! You all know that I’ve talked a little about Lily Jade before and how wonderful their bags are! You can read more about The Rosie Bag or The Madeline Bag . We recently received The Meggan Bag in brandy and gold though and it is a game changer! It’s beautiful, of course, and like every other Lily Jade bag, I never feel like it looks like a diaper bag! It’s so stylish!

Lets talk about this bag for a quick second though because it is pretty amazing! The Meggan bag can hold SO many of our essentials and that is one huge reason why I love it! It has so much space but doesn’t look or feel bulky. It has three outer pockets and three inner pockets making for extra storage and organization!

I always know that my Lily Jade bags will see me through because the quality of them never fails! Made with natural tanned leather and the stunning gold hardware, you can’t go wrong with any style you choose! I know my bag will last for a long time and that is a huge deal to me!

I know I have mentioned this before, but the fact that I can carry this bag three ways really makes for practical and helpful use! The backpack carry is of course my favorite which allows me to be hands free so easily so I can tend to Juniper, but I love having the option to do the messenger carry and shoulder carry also!

So as I am sure you’ve seen before, each Lily Jade diaper bag also comes with a caddy organizer inside and we love the organization it offers! The type-A in me loves to take full advantage of it! The Brandy colored Meggan bag comes with the jade color organizer and has twelve pockets which helps keep every baby item in its place so it’s easy to find and accessible! It also comes with a jade color changing pad that is machine washable which is so helpful to have while on the go!

So what is in our diaper bag?

Here are just some go-tos for us that we love to keep in our Lily Jade diaper bag at all times:

  • Lily Jade diaper caddy and changing pad

  • Diapers

  • Wipes

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Extra nursing pads

  • Nipple cream

  • Diaper balm

  • Extra wash cloth / reusable cloth wipes for drying

  • Portable sound machine (we don’t leave home with out it)

  • Extra pair of socks and booties - especially in the colder season

  • Blanket or swaddle

  • Burpcloths

  • A bonnet or hat in the colder season

  • Extra outfit or pjs

  • Paci clip

  • Extra pacis (ALWAYS!)

  • A rattle or toy

These are just some of the things we always have stocked in our bag or don’t leave the home with out these days! Trust me, I have learned not to forget the extra pacifiers (haha)! I also always keep a nursing cover in the car as well as a baby carrier to have on hand if and when I need it! I would love to hear some of your must have items that you mamas keep in your diaper bags on the go! Leave some comments below and tell me!

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