Lily Jade // Featuring The Rosie Bag


It is NO secret that Lily Jade has been a staple in products to have over here for us, especially for motherhood and I am so excited to share a little about their Rosie Diaper Bag with you all! As we welcomed our little Juniper seven weeks ago, we have dove head first into parenthood and loving every second of it. We have had plenty of friends and family who have graciously prepped and prepared us with baby essentials that we would need and Lily Jade has been right there to hold each of those essentials in such an accessible way!

Like all of Lily Jade bags, I feel like I never have to compromise on style because each bag is SO beautiful! The Rosie bag is such a rich black leather with stunning gold hardware to match any outfit in any season. This bag also includes a diaper caddy that has a handy changing pad, which let me tell you… it has come in handy and the fact that its machine washable makes this mamas VERY happy!

My first bag from Lily Jade was actually the Madeline Bag (which you can check out more details about that bag {HERE}), and one of my favorite things about it was the backpack carry. I really didn’t realize just how much I would appreciate it until now that Juniper is here! I have so much freedom to snuggle her, kiss her, hold her and overall care for her hands free and I love everything about that! There are three different ways you can carry the bag: the backpack carry, over the shoulder carry and messenger carry. I love that there are so many options. When we went to the hospital to deliver I brought along my Rosie bag with the messenger carry and it was like I was bringing a little overnight bag, not to mention the nurses swooned over the fact that it was such a stylish diaper bag!

I love standing by brands that really stay true to quality. Out of the products that I have and have used of Lily Jade, I can personally attest to their AMAZING high quality craftsmanship and work that they put into their bags. Not to mention the material that they use is top notch as well, like premium full grain leather and their products really show! I know my bags will stand the test of time as well as the test of kids.

The Rosie bag is designed so well. It’s practical, functional and beautiful all in one. It has two extra large packets on the outside that come in handy when I need to put the easy to reach items there like my phone or an extra pacifier in there. It also has a zippered interior pocket, and two open interior pockets all perfect size. The inside of the bag has a LOT of space. It fits the removable diaper caddy really well so the bag can be used for all the baby goods or you can remove it and use it as a purse or an little overnight bag too!

I think its pretty safe to say that we are still just as obsessed as ever with Lily Jade and we always will be. It has been a dream come true packing in Juniper’s little things and going out and about with her. This bag has made that so easy to do that and I can’t wait for all the days I get to use my diaper bags!

If you have a mom or mom to be in your life and you’re looking for an amazing gift this holiday, look no further this would be a PERFECT gift for her!

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