The Investment

Getting your story captured is an investment that is worth while. Investing in your moments will provide you with a time in your lives that you can re-visit and never forget through tangible documentation with your loved ones. 



Intimate sessions that reflect pure transparent moments are what it’s all about. There is a certain way you hold each others hands, the way you look at each other, the way that person makes you giggle and smile or the inside jokes you share together are just examples of what makes you the couple that you are. Wether it’s an engagement session, anniversary session or a just because session to capture a time in your lives, I’m here coming along side of you with your adventure and your story. I’m here documenting the unreserved simplicity of every relational aspect that represents who you are as a unique couple. So be ready to come as you are as we ditch the stiff awkward poses and get down to some real business of recording the timeless details of your relationship.

starting at $350


Family session:

The word flourishing best describes the growing families that I’ve been so lucky to document through the years. Families and those little ones of yours grow so fast! Including me in documenting your family, invites me to experience your dynamic, whether it’s a maternity session with your first baby, documenting a birth journey from beginning to end, capturing every little detail from the head to the tiny toes of your newborn child or even just wanting to remember those family moments in or outside the home, these times are special and made to be looked back on. I would be honored to be invited into your lives to capture your flourishing family moments for years and years to come as your family continues to grow.

starting at $375


Holiday Season sessions (September 1st - December 1st)

starting at: $275




I have really thrived in creativity when it comes to photographing amazing brands or products. Each individual project is different, unique and catered to that specific brand in mind and what they are all about. It’s always an honor to represent who they are from a lifestyle perspective and photograph in specific elements or ways that are meant to bring out the brand in the best way possible. My biggest goal always is to help bring visualization for any viewer or consumer of what each brand or product is meant for. Working with companies has allowed me to help meet a brand’s needs in providing high quality, appealing, professional imagery for marketing purposes on multiple platforms. Bringing a company’s vision to life is always so rewarding for both parties involved and I would be grateful for the opportunity to represent your brand.

Prices are based off of each individual project. Please fill out the contact form or email me directly to discuss further investment. 


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For more information:

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