Meeting Baby Loden // The Schaefer Family

It was one mighty beautiful day as I made my way to Santa Ana to meet Baby Loden! You can imagine my excitement seeing as I had recently photographed The Schaefer's maternity session not long before baby Loden arrived!

Sweet precious Loden made his debut on March 1st at 1:59p.m. and was 6lbs, 11ozs and 19 inches long. Danny and Stephanie decided to wait to find out the gender of the baby until the day he was born and you can only imagine how thrilled they were to finally find out if they were having a boy or girl!

I was instantly in love with the Schaefer's adorable home from the moment I pulled up and when you start looking through the photos you will see why! You guys! I can't even explain just how much love these two have for their baby boy. It literally radiated off of them every single second I was with them these photos are true emotional responses, giggles, smiles and reactions to everything they were feeling about becoming a mom and dad to the most beautiful little boy they have ever laid eyes on.

For memories sake for this family, I truly wanted to capture Loden's first home. The first place he ever came home to, the bed where mom and dad cozily swaddle him and lay him to rest, the room where he knows he can trust his mom and dad to take care of him with food and comfort, the couch where they have family time oooing and ahhhhing at all the facial expressions Loden makes, to the back yard garden where the warm sun gets to shine on his little face while these parents give him all the kisses he deserves.

It is families and moments like these where I can sit and sigh and think to myself, I really love what I do. There is something so special about true lifestyle moments in an intimate place called home. It is where you find comfort, trust, sanctuary, rest and a place you cherish. Ultimately it is a place you make and create for your loved ones so I am so thankful to have been given the opportunity to take a glimpse in to the life of the Schaefer's new beginnings with baby Loden.

I truly hope you enjoy sneaking a glimpse into their lives also!!



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Alright alright... Its not the end of these photos QUITE yet. We definitely had a blast capturing those special lifestyle moments BUT we did do some stylized photos of Loden as well... I mean we had to! Though I usually don't share too many stylized things like this I decided I just HAD to... you will see why.

Here are a few reasons:

1.Because it's the year of the Monkey...

2.Because these world travelers LOVE Germany with a passion and we had to incorporate those authentic goodies. I mean come on... look how cute he looks all milk drunk!

And 3. Because Danny is a Firefighter and you know how much little boys look up to their fathers... Loden wants to be just like his dad!