Baby Ciurdar Coming December 2016 // Sam & Amanda

SURPRISE from the Ciurdars! They are PREGNANT!

In the words of Sam Ciurdar... Dad to be:

"Come December 2016, Amanda and I will have a brand new essential to take with us on our adventures! After two years of struggling with infertility, God has blessed us with a little one! This road has been anything but easy. The endless amount of tears, the crazy amount of money spent on doctors, and all the heartache - something we thought we'd never be able to get out of, yet - with hope and prayers, it happened! I know SO MANY of you have joined us on this journey, the love and prayer this baby has received already is absolutely insane. It's something Amanda and I don't know how to repay. Yes, this is our story - but it's made possible because of all of your support! Thank you so much, and can't wait to share our Ciurdar Adventures with our #BabyCiurdar!"

In the words of Amanda Ciurdar... Momma to be:

"Today is a day I often believed would never come. As I sit here with tears streaming down my face, I'm struggling to share the words from my heart that convey all that I'm feeling. I remember when we first started trying for a baby, telling Sam that I knew I'd get pregnant, but for some reason it felt like it was far away. Well two years went by and proved my intuition was more spot on than ever before. Going through infertility changed me... It changed US.. in more ways than I will ever be able to express in words. Today... Today is a day for our family to REJOICE. The Lord has heard our MANY cries for a child and has broken his silence in regards to our infertility. He has turned our mourning into dancing. Sam and I are humbled and honored to announce the expectant arrival of our sweet little gummy bear in December 2016! My biggest prayer is that this news will provide hope to the warriors who are still in the fight for a child - I was once you, thinking this would never be me. You are wrong, and I want to encourage you to hold on just a little longer, friend. I pray that this news speak volumes of God's faithfulness to prayer - you guys have been my village and have prayed me through my deepest moments of despair. It's the only reason I'm still standing. And.. I pray that God would be glorified in the highest ways possible for this news. He is the reason we have a little life growing in my belly, and we will spend our lives in gratitude for this undeserved gift. Even through the nausea & vomiting, the sleep deprived months & years to come and all the hardest moments of parenting...every day will be a good day because our child will be here with us.  Baby bird, it has been a privilege to be your Mommy the past 12 weeks. You are more loved than you will ever know and once you are here in our arms, our prayer is that you never question that truth."

Announcement video by: Sam Ciurdar

Find the Ciurdars work {here} and follow along on their new greatest adventure of parenthood on Instagram: {Amanda} {Sam}

YOU GUYS! Nothing can describe just how excited I am to be writing this blog right now.

Sam and Amanda have easily become some of our best friends through this past year and a half! We have had the utmost privilege of sharing in photography together, traveling all over together & growing closer in our friendships to one another!! When I first met Amanda we both were in difficult seasons in our  lives. Our friendship was an evident gift from The Lord and lets just say we've all been inseparable since haha... especially when we play cards together! God has used us in each others lives in such a time of need and the fact that Dan and I have gotten to walk with Amanda and Sam on this long journey of theirs is quite amazing. It makes for moments where we actually get to witness God being so active in others lives.

Lullaby By: JJ Heller

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