A Day In Joshua Tree With June Photography // Kandis + Dan

In attempts to finally utilize blogging on a personal level, I figured I would share with you some photos that we recently got back from our time out in Joshua Tree with our dear sweet friend June!

First off let me brag a little about June here, because I mean she rocks our socks off with her talent as well as her fun loving personality! We got to meet her for the first time (FINALLY) out in Joshua Tree while she was out in California. She was shacking up at the most adorable AirBnb I've ever laid eyes on. With its unique detail and corky decor it made for some good hangs and FUN photos!

When we received these photos from June I won't lie here, I cried. I felt like she truly captured our love for each other in so many aspects. From the way we look at one another, to the way Dan hugs me, to the way we laugh or giggle (like a real laugh not one of those okay now guys, laugh haha), to how he holds my hand or gets cactus out of my shoe and foot when my clumsy self isn't paying attention, or even when we look at a photo and know in that moment we knew what the other was thinking with out saying a word. She really gave us moments and memories between each other that we will cherish forever.

Now as a photographer you tend to be pretty picky with photos, whether it's the way you look, if you are more focused on how you are posing or maybe what looks best in the photo, BUT June really made us feel engaged IN the moment and I am so thankful for that! She made me get out of my mind and just be THERE! She is amazing and her experience in this art blows my mind! I love witnessing how fellow photographers work in the field that we both feel so passionate about. I feel like I learn so much from different people when I get to watch them work, and one of the most beautiful things I learned from June was her humility. She was so humble in the way she talked about herself, her education, work, photos and other photographers that it truly gave me a neat perspective in how I view myself as a photographer and others who enjoy this same art! So thankful for you June and your sweet friendship towards us! So glad we finally got to meet your beautiful self and can't wait to one day come visit you in Hawaii!

Be sure to check Junes amazing work out {HERE} on her website as well as follow along with her on Instagram {HERE}.


Most of you already know who we are, but for those of you who don't... Hello! We are The Marinos.. Dan and Kandis to be exact or Dandis, I suppose, since some of our friends and family have nicknamed us that.

With more personal blog posts to come like the story of how we met, some of our travels throughout these past few years, a little on marriage and so much more I figured with this being the first personal blog post, that I would keep it simple.

So here are a few fun facts about Dan and I that some of you may not know:

-We love the God we are so privileged to serve! We believe in Jesus whole heartedly and truly desire to live our lives gospel centered glorifying God in all we do. We recently started going to Covenant Grace Menifee Church and LOVE the people there. Feel free to come check it out and hang out with all of us you would love it to!

-We love to travel even though most of you already know that, and I mean who doesn't love to travel, but we really hope to see a LOT of God's beautiful creation!

-Dan is a full time seminary student at Fuller Theological Seminary and co-runs a blog called Amateur Theologians (IG: @amateur_theologians)

-I have a secret obsession with baking... especially French Macarons... maybe its just because I have the biggest sweet tooth.

-We Netflix binge... yep... who doesn't these days. A few of our favorite shows include Chuck, Psych, Walking Dead and The Goldbergs.

-I am a Harry Potter fan... okay okay... a HUGE fan. I literally got us matching Gryffindor onesie pjs for christmas and my parents got us robes also. Not to mention we have mugs, to-go mugs and other Hogwarts goodies lying around here.

-I was a competitive cheerleader for 7 years during Jr. High and High School where in High school I was also on an All Star team for a couple years.

-Dan attended and graduated from Calvary Chapel Bible College Murrieta where he served as a server and supervisor for their conference center.

-We have been married for almost three years and not once have we fought over tooth paste caps or which way the toilet paper faces... score! haha

-Dan loves his coffee black... Gimmie all the coffee mate!

-We loveeee our books. Dan especially! You need to borrow one? Head on over and check out our office area aka The Marino Library!

-Dan is one of six siblings and was the first boy and was named after his father Daniel Matthew Marino.

-We love doing puzzles! Even when we were dating we got so into doing puzzles that we would try to finish 1,000 piece puzzles in one day... we got my family hooked on doing them with us also.

We love sharing about who we are, what we believe and tid bits of our life. We are definitely not perfect nor do we live this ideal blissful life either. God by all means has blessed us with more than we deserve and we want to live in reverence of that in every way we can! Feel free to shoot over an email or add some comments below for any Q&A's you would like to know about us! We would love to hear from you!

Soooooo yeah those photos I was talking about in the beginning of this blog... here they are below! Sweet June added this Ben Howard song to her blog post of us (which you can check out HERE) so I figured I would add it as well seeing as it was so fitting for this session. So press that play button and scroll away!


[audio m4a="http://kandismarinophotography.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/11-3648-post/2-04-Burgh-Island-feat.-Monica-Heldal.m4a"][/audio]