French Grocery With Christina + Robert of New Darlings


We recently took a small weekend trip out to Arizona to visit our dear sweet friends Christina and Robert. As we tried to figure out where to meet up, Christina had mentioned the French Grocery and that they had been wanting to try it out and see what it was all about.

OF COURSE I had to snap some lifestyle photos of them in this cute little quite and quant atmosphere!! How could you not get photos of this adorable French dream in the middle of Phoenix, AZ! Am I right?

Even when we made our way over to the line to stare at the coffee/tea menu we all drooled over their pastry case filled with sweet treats.... especially the macarons!! And trust me I am a HUGE macaron fan and even love making them myself!

With French everything surrounding us from cheese, wine, treats, fresh flower bouquets, drinks etc. we had such a blast in this perfect little place catching up with our close friends! I mean nothing beats great company, amazing conversation and memorable goods to make for a great afternoon!

To finish the evening off Christina and Robert showed us some of their favorite spots around Phoenix and we had too much fun checking out those hip cool spots... so next time I will have to share with you all some more gems from Arizona!

If you ever find yourself in Phoenix or if you live near by and have yet to head over to French Grocery I highly recommend it! Also be sure to head on over to Christina and Robert's Blog to check out their feature of our time here! For more of their little adventures also be sure to follow them on Instagram if you don't already : @newdarlings they are just the sweetest and most adorable couple in the world.... obviously!

Hope you enjoy!