Collin + Jenni

Sometimes I really just can't even stand how cute my clients are! Like this couple for example... Collin & Jenni! They are full of grace, love and so much joy!

Jenni is the owner of Head For Change and if you haven't heard of it be sure to give her a follow on Instagram: (@headforchange). She has an amazing heart to not only just simply serve others but to give back to those in need. Africa has a piece of both Collin and Jenni's hearts and there is a huge reason why! I won't butcher their AMAZING story so I had Jenni and Collin tell it themselves!

Jenni's Side:

"God has a way of knowing exactly what we need, the desires of our hearts and when and how to give them to us. Just a few short months ago Collin and I were complete strangers totaly uncertain of our purpose and what God had planned for us. A relationship was the last thing on both of their minds. Collin had recently moved to Washington and Jenni was living in Sothern California. December 27,2014 God made it so clear I had to make big changes in my life and have faith in His plans and forget all of my plans I had for myself. I had just quit my job and was excited to see Gods plans unfold.... and thats when it started! I recieved a text from Collins Aunt Raymie. Raymie and I worked together years ago and she has been a special person in my life since. We had not seen eachother in years but I secretly always wanted to marry into her family. She told me she had a nephew that was perfect for me, loved Jesus, adventure, was hilarious and eager to travel to Africa. It didnt take long for her to convince me to reach out to him. We began messaging back and forth about our hearts for Jesus, Traveling and Africa. We talked until 3 AM and then 24/7 until we met in person a week later. Collin and his family were coming to California for his big brothers wedding and we made plans to have our first date while he was here. We spent the day at the beach taking walks talking about life, our dreams and goals, riding bikes, laughing our faces off and honestly...falling in love. That night I met his entire family and we played games all night. I left that night knowing one day that would be my family. A few months previous I wrote in my prayer journal a list of qualities I would love my husband to be and that God would make it so clear when he was the one and bring him totally out of nowhere in his timing. The next night we spent as much time as we could before he had to go back to washington. We pulled up to drop him off and he asked if we could pray together. His prayer was everthing I asked for! It was so clear he was the man God was preparing me for. Less than two weeks later I found myself on a plane with a one way ticket to roadtrip back to california together. We had the time of our lives driving down to coast and lets just say he never went back home. Four months later Collin and I had the opportunity to serve in Uganda, Africa together. And there on May 9 he asked me to spend forever with him. 

He had secretly been planning the proposal! That morning, I had woken up suggesting to visit Bourban, a neat little restaurant in town (that so happened to be the day and place he was going to propose). A little before sunset, we took a Boda ride to the restaurant and walked through the jungle entrance way. I stopped at the top of the stairs clueless as to what was about to happen as I looked for the table I had once seen in a photo. Collin led me down the steps and suggested we pick a table on the boat. We walked up onto the boat that was floating on the Nile River, and that's when I saw it!! There was a table set up with candles, wine, chocolates, perfect decorations, cards and Collin's journal. I sat down in tears reading his promises taking it all in when I turned to Collin, he got down on one knee. I heard the restaurant cheer, wiped my happy tears! We enjoyed a yummy dinner, at sunset, on the NILE RIVER, on a boat, ENGAGED in AFRICA!"

Collin's Side:

"I fell in love with her that day at the beach... Four months later I asked her to marry me!"

OKAY... aren't they just the cutest? How many people can say they got proposed to on the Nile River in Africa!?

These two have such rad hearts and I know together they are going to make double the difference and impact! I am so utterly excited for the both of them as they get to soon become husband and wife!

I am so excited to share their story with you all and their sweet sweet engagement photos! We HAD to incorporate some type of body of water in the photos even though its no Nile River, I hope that the photos come to life after reading and getting to know more about who these wonderful people are!


Congrats Jenni and Collin!