TOMS- My Traveling Toms in Colorado

For those of you who know me personally, know that I have been a huge fan of TOMS since the company first started. I would load up my closet with literally one of each of their classic styled shoe once every month or when a new color or limited edition pattern would come out. I even told friends years ago... "Wouldn't it be cool to work with TOMS photographing for them?" So of course it was an honor and privilege to get to work on this fun little project.

Lets just say I was and still am mildly obsessed not only with the actual shoes, but with the concept behind the company as well. Knowing that every pair of shoe I purchased someone in need would receive a pair of shoes, really tugged on some heart strings. You see, its one thing to sell product and impact poverty but its another when the owner of their purchased product receives much more than an item, but perspective. #ONEFORONE has been an ongoing campaign and branding tag that TOMS has linked with their company and it's an amazing one at that! The idea that every one item that is purchased is helping one individual in need and it doesn't stop at just shoes... TOMS has heard, seen and felt the needs of people and are a delivering aid all around the world from shoes, to vision, to helping mothers have safe births etc... It's such a wonderful cause and amazing movement.

Every pair of glasses purchased helps restore eyesight to one individual through surgery, prescription glasses or medical treatment... how amazing is that? My husband and I love to travel and adventure, so I decided to take a couple of TOMS items on a trip with me to explore Colorado! My sunglasses and shoes of course, and let me tell ya... a lot of people asked where I got my awesome kicks! I practically wore them the entire time we were there!

I hope you enjoy some little peaks of the awesome places I took #mytravelingtoms in the gorgeous state of Colorado!

Be sure to check out TOMS website for more products or info or check them out on Instagram: @toms