Brandon + Kaeli // Surprise Proposal

Brandon + Kaeli are literally two peas in a pod! Their goofy, joyful and loving personalities are not only the cutest but their love for one another is definitely one for the books!

Brandon had contacted me about being apart of his surprise proposal for Kaeli and OF COURSE I was overjoyed to know I was going to see this sweet girls reaction when he got down on that knee!

With his plan of proposing at Victoria Beach in Laguna, Ca. while they were out here visiting from Arizona, Kaeli had somehow found out about what might happen! However, Brandon made up a very detailed story about how it wasn't going to happen and how he "wasn't able to get the ring"! Brandon was able to get Kaeli to believe that there was nooooo way she was about to get engaged in California and with her no longer suspicious, he was able to plan one great surprise!

They picked up a lovely dinner and brought it to the beach to eat, which may or may not have gotten soaked by the quick growing high tide, and enjoyed some time together at this stunning location! They even had special privileges to a private sand patio from a gorgeous estate that overlooked the ocean! As he walked out onto the beach and started giving that special speech you can tell the shock that Kaeli expressed in the memories captured, and just how excited she was to say yes to the man she will spend the rest of her life with!

I hope that you get as giddy as I did as you look through this special and memorable moment for Kaeli and Brandon.

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Kaeli + Brandon- We are so ecstatic for you two to embark on this new road of marriage! Congrats dear friends!