The Schaefer Family

I haven't photographed little Loden since he was a tiny newborn baby, and look at him now!! Isn't he the most adorable little boy you've ever seen?! I always enjoy getting to photograph the Schaefer family, being close family friends and watching their family grow is always a huge honor and joy.

The Schaefers are always filled with so much love and excitement they are soon much fun to be around and talk to, it is almost like we are hanging out rather then doing a photo session which makes for the best moments to capture... the real ones! They were also such troopers roaming these beautiful Orange County hills in the misty rain and Loden had a smile on his face the WHOLE time, he loved being outside with his parents! I loved every second of it, even all of us being wet by the end... it was so worth it!


Over the Rainbow // By: Ingrid Michelson

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