The Lac Family

Photographing families during the holiday season is one of my favorite times! It's festive and I get to capture families that I love and have watched grow year by year.

The Lac family is one family who is close to my heart and who I have known for a while now and it is always an honor getting to document the people that you love. This was the first time I have gotten to photograph the Lacs all together with their newest addition, Emerson! She's so precious and adorable, I couldn't even handle this shoot! Diane, Peter, Celine and Emerson have so much love for each other and they had so much fun hanging out in this woodsy setting. I love witnessing Celine being such a wonderful big sister, Peter adoring his little girls, Diane dancing and hugging her daughters, Emerson laughing and dancing and Peter and Diane being in love and soaking in their lives together.... and of course how cute are their outfits too?

The Lacs are some of the sweetest people I have ever known, they are so kind and have the most genuine and generous hearts and continuing to get to know them over the years has been such a privilege.

We love you Lac family!


Ensemble // By: Cœur de pirate

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