The Broguiere Girls

The Broguiere girls, also known as baby models because come on now... they are just so adorable, have grown right in front of my eyes! Getting to photograph this family and their cute little kiddos over the years has been the biggest pleasure!

There is nothing like lifestyle sessions especially when you are in an element as beautiful and whimsical as this one. The orange groves was a perfect setting for the girls to explore and adventure off together, pick some oranges and maybe taste some too!

They were so adorable together to say the least, Aubriella was such a good big sister and showed Ophelia the ropes... she helped her find some yummy fruit and gave her a couple of taste tests! These two ran around, giggled and whispered some secrets to each other I could not get enough of exploring with them! These girls made it effortless to capture their little personalities and they will always be so close to my heart.


That's What's Up By: Lennon & Maisy

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