Meeting Ainsley // The Dayton's Hospital Story

In honor of my recent post of The Dayton's maternity session of their precious baby girl, Ainsley, I couldn't wait to share the birth story of baby Ainsley! Witnessing your friends experience the process of having a baby is one of the most surreal things. Its an amazing thing that a life gets brought into this world and meeting baby Ainsley was an emotional experience for The Daytons as well as for us!

I will let you see for yourself just how adorable and wonderful this day was and watching Emily and Casey cuddle their new baby girl and of course they were not able to take their eyes of her... I mean she is the cutest little thing ever, so I don't blame them!

It was also such a special moment watching Jonah meet his new baby sister for the first time, and his concern for his momma was so sweet too he wanted to make sure she was okay!

I hope you enjoy their little hospital story as much as I did documenting it!

Baby Ainsley + The Daytons, we love you so much and love watching you guys be parents to Jonah & Ainsley, it's so special!



I Get To Be The One By: JJ Heller

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