Meeting Emerson Lac // In Home Newborn Session

The Lac family has become so close and dear to my heart over the past three years. I was a nanny to their sweet daughter Celine and they easily became like family to me. It is no surprise when I go over to visit the people I love I always have my camera on hand.

While just hanging out and having lunch, it was effortless to snap those sweet little moments of every day life in just a few minutes! It was a joy witnessing the life of their sweet newborn just relaxing and enjoying meeting little Emerson Lac. From focusing in on the details of those tiny baby features, the kisses of her older sister, to the way a mother holds her baby so gentle and soft, stroking her hair behind her ears, to that gaze of amazement into her sweet little eyes and the just the overall dynamic between a mother and a newborn child.... I was simply in awe of how much overflowing love you can capture in such a short amount of time.

I have been wanting to do an all Black & White in home lifestyle session for a while now and figured this would bet he perfect opportunity to be able to do that. It used to bring me so much joy to use Black and White film while I was in photography school and though these are not film images, my goal was so still capture the simplicity and mood black and white images have to offer.

I truly hope you enjoy meeting Emerson Lac through these captured memories of this age in her new life.