Baby Ezekiel Bekkering // The Bekkering's Newborn Session

A few weeks ago I got to meet the most precious little newborn... Ezekiel Bekkering.

His tiny adorable features just made me oooo and ahhh and continue to say, "oh my goodness I can't even handle how cute he is," the WHOLE entire time I was photographing him.

The Bekkerings are some of the sweetest people I have met and witnessing Anessa and Andrew love on their new son was beyond words. I was so excited for them just watching their excitement as they would gaze at Ezekiel in amazement.

It was completely evident just how much of a blessing this boy was in their lives and getting to capture just that was also a huge blessing for me.

I'm always reminded each session I do and by the new people I continually get to meet, just how much I love to do what I do. Being able to have the ability to capture time standing still and to hold it in your life forever is one of the most amazing gifts I can offer to people and I'm thrilled to do so.

So, I hope you enjoy this session! Meet the Bekkerings and their new addition, Ezekiel.... oh and get ready to swoon over his cuteness because I promise you won't be able to help it!