At Home With The Broguiere Family

Who doesn't LOVE baking with their family, especially during the holidays?! Well, the Broguiere family definitely enjoys their days off together unwinding, baking and spending time having a blast with one another. So adorable right!?

This session is a glimpse of one of those days... no poses or direction, just hanging out and having fun.

I am sure you have seen some of my previous sessions here on the site of our sweet friends, The Broguieres. It had been so fun photographing their journey since before they even had their first precious girl Aubriella, so being able to snap photos of their family all together in their ever day living was just amazing!

I truly enjoyed ever second of capturing these moments, baking sugar cookies and relaxing on the couch giggling (mainly from the sugar high haha)!

So welcome to the Broguiere home where you will meet Ryan, Alisha, Aubriella and Baby Ophelia.