Natural Heritage Bags In Iceland

Nothing really beats a location like Iceland to shoot some product shots!

With waterfalls around every turn, the coast by your side and unique landscapes for days, Iceland has become one of the top travel destinations and now I know why!

We partnered with Natural Heritage Bags for out ten day journey through Iceland and boy did our awesome backpacks come in handy! We packed some camera gear, warm clothing items and snacks in our waxed canvas backpacks wherever we decided to explore. They held up really well in the rain... which there was a lot of... and of course made us travel in style!

These hand crafted bags were just what we needed for our trip and now when we wear them while we are back in the states, every time we put them on, it transports us back to those amazing memories we made on this incredible island!

Be sure to check out Natural Heritage Bags {here} or {here} to order some of their awesome bags/products!