Musana Intl. Jewelry

I am so excited to share my collaboration with Musana Intl. I truly believe in companies that serve a purpose and give back, and Musana is one of those companies! I have completely fallen in love with this company and I know you will also! With Musana not only do you receive quality, you receive quantity in love and servant hood. Each piece of handcrafted jewelry was created and made by a specific and special woman in Uganda.

"Musana is a social enterprise brand working to break the cycle of poverty by employing women and empowering them to provide for their families. Musana artisans are trained in jewelry making and create Musana products by hand at our workshop in Lugazi, Uganda. In addition to stable employment, Musana provides classes in English, business and health to improve literacy and create opportunity. Through Musana's programs, artisans are able to provide for their families, pay for their childrens' schooling, and ensure themselves a brighter future.

Musana artisans are truly a light in their community and are the inspiration for the name Musana which means "sunlight" in the local language of Luganda."

It has been more than a pleasure to have been able to work with this company and photograph some of their pieces! If you haven't had the opportunity to check this company out, I encourage you to do so. Every purchase made is supporting an amazing cause for what this company is achieving!

Feel free to check their website out {HERE}.

The pieces you see below are:

The Chevron Necklace in bronze

The Bangle Bracelet in bronze

The Barkcloth Notebook

The Sands Bracelet in gold

I would also love to mention the lovely Raymie who also collaborated and did all of the flawless makeup for this shoot. I can't stress enough how amazingly talented she is!

You can contact her for future bookings or view her work:

Via Facebook: {HERE}

Via Instagram: {HERE}