Melissa + Andrew

Melissa and myself have been friends for 16 years now, from cheerleading together, being obsessed with Disneyland, quoting our countless favorite movies, coffee ice cream, and jumping on the trampoline to our life long dream and goal of becoming Sea World trainers together!

Sooooo, it didn't come as a surprise that I HAD TO do some photos of her and her fiancé Andrew!

During a movie night at home, these two decided to watch Toy Story and as Melissa went to grab the movie that Andrew handed her, she opened it and.... SURPRISE... there was a ring inside!

Melissa's words that she shared with me was, "I cried and we were both speechless starring at each other for like an hour and smiling haha!"

Mel + Andrew live in Colorado and so it made this little session even more fun that we got to take them out here in California while they were visiting!

These two could not be a more perfect fit for one another and as you can see in the photos their genuine love absolutely radiates off of them! They are the most rad people at heart and we had a blast running around getting some great shots for them! They even hopped in the creek, willingly I might add, and had so much fun... I believe Mel's words were: "This is sooooo romantic!" 

We had such a blast with this fun loving couple who we are so lucky to call our friends! I can't even muster up the right words to describe how overjoyed I am for these two as they embark on their new journey as husband and wife!

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do... there are definitely some of my favorites!

Melissa- Melly- Mell Bell-

My beautiful friend, you will be the most stunning Bride and your loving and caring heart will make you such a graceful wife. I could not be more happy that you have meet the man of your dreams and that you guys get to spend the rest of your lives together! Your friendship has meant the world to me over these years and I could not be more honored to have photographed such special memories for you two. You're getting MARRIED! I can't wait!

Congrats you two!