Greg + Brittany

I am absolutely thrilled to share this special engagement session with you all! Its always exciting when close friends of yours get married and not only that, but when they have a really amazing story behind their relationship and love. Brittany & Greg both have an outstanding love for one another that radiates when you are around them. I have asked them to share a bit of their personal story on the blog with their photos because I really think that it just adds that much more to their photo story and gives you a glimpse into their lives and hearts for each other! From childhood to loss to love I hope that you enjoy their journey!

"Brittany and I meet when we were kids. Our families met at church, and through a couple of family dinners we became very close. Brittany at the time was very young and it was Brett (her brother) and I who had become friends. Growing up, Brittany was always looked at as Brett's little sister, too young to talk to and have a close relationship with. What I didn't know was that Brittany was formulating her own relationship with me and a bit of a crush. It was my little brother Steven that had become good friends with Brittany over the years. My Father also become very close with Brittany, pushing her to get over her stage fright and sing for the church and mentoring her when times were tough through college. During this time I was going on my own path trying to play baseball and finish school not knowing how close Brittany was becoming to my own family. She also formulated a great bond with my sister Meghan. Both girls not knowing what it was like to have a sister in their family joined together to develop a very close relationship with one another.

When I was living out in Massachusetts, Brittany, her brother Brock and parents came to visit my family. While they were there we had a great time and I got to know the more grown up Brittany. After they had left my mother started her plot in being the match maker in mine and Brittany's life. I would always share with my mom what I wanted in a wife and at the end of every talk she would follow up with Brittany's name.

Once we moved back to California it was only a short time until a tragedy happened in my families life that would forever change us. My father had passed away during a routine stent procedure. During this time we had a lot of people come by the house, new friends, old friends, family and friends of my father. It was during this time that I saw how much my father meant to so many people, mainly Brittany. I remember her being at my house and giving me a harmonica. I didn't know how to play and I still don't but I do remember blowing into that thing in my room and car day in and day out. I also had a cd that she had made for my dad that had three of his favorite worship songs on it. I would sit in my car and listen to those songs over and over and cry like a baby. It wasn't so much that I loved her songs but the fact that I loved that my dad cared for Brittany like a daughter. These were songs that my dad would never hear again and songs that when Brittany sings them remind her of my father. So when she sings them at church and we make eye contact I know that she sees not just sadness in my eyes but joy that my father had a everlasting bond with the women that I love. That to me means more than anyone could imagine because I truly had the best father that you could ask for.

It wasn't till down the road that Brittany and I started to date. I was still in school about to finish and everyday asking God to bring the right girl into my life. Once school was done I moved out to LA and started working with a college roommate of mine. I was looking through Instagram and I came across a picture of Brittany at a wedding and I decided to comment on it saying how good she looked. I was very casual in my comment but it was the a comment that made Brittany start to think if her childhood crush actually looked past the little sister card and saw her as an attractive women, and it was true. From then on I started to entertain my mother crazy notions of me and Brittany getting married and my sisters crazy ideas that we would be perfect together. We had hung out with friends a couple of times before I asked her to go out with me. It wasn't that I was scared to ask but more so scared to step outside of that family friend zone and actually flirt with the fact that I wanted to date Brittany.

Our first date was Christmas light looking. After that we went on our second date to the movies. After the movies I had a talk with my sister. When we were done with that talk Im pretty sure my sister started a Pinterest board about our future wedding date. It was the type of conversation that you have with yourself that assures you that you have found the women that is perfect for you. The type of assurance that only God can provide and the type of assurance that makes you proud to tell your friends, family, Brittany's father and three crazy ass brothers. It was then that I decided to step out of the shadows and be the man that Brittany has always dreamed of and be the man that could sit down with her father face to face and ask for her hand in marriage."


Greg originally proposed to Brittany with his Father's old wedding band. Not only was it a special moment it was a symbol of their story that continues to unfold. During their engagement party, he surprised her with her beautiful diamond ring and got down on one knee all over again in front of family and friends! I am honored and so privileged to have been able to shoot their lovely lake side engagement photos and share this story. As their wedding day approaches, I cannot wait to stand next to this beautiful Bride on that day and watch them become husband and wife! So proud to be your friend Brittany!