Madi // Creative Portraits

Madi has one of the sweetest souls I know! We first met when I used to help out with middle school worship at church and I instantly knew she was talented in many ways! Here talents range from the guitar to the piano to vocals and not to mention producing music! My goodness right? She's going places and I could not be more proud of her!

When she asked me to shoot her senior portraits I was more than thrilled not only because I love her, but because our styles are so similar and we both had the same moody concept already in mind for these portraits. It is SO her too by the way and I love that we were able to capture the essence of her beauty in ever way because I mean come on isn't she the most adorable!?

Madi just recently graduated from high school and will be heading off the USC for college with so many hopes, dreams and goals on the horizon.

Madi, Congrats to you! I am so proud to know you and to have been able to capture these for you... I know you will do so great in college and continue to do many amazing things with your music as well!