Boll & Branch // Perfectly Pewter

I never considered myself a picky person when it came to any type of bedding. I always purchased bedding for the looks not the quality and you could have thrown cheap quickly bought sheets my way and I would have been happy. However, when I got older and then got married I realized the necessity for GOOD quality sheets and bedding.

I've found that I have the HARDEST time finding amazing white sheets that I don't have to bleach constantly, or sheets that don't pill easily, tear, wear down etc... Let's face it, somedays it seems like we are going through sheets left and right because of how picky I am with our comfort.

So, I recently had the privilege of teaming up with Boll & Branch. If you haven't heard of them, they are the first certified fair trade home brand company in the world. Boll & Branch provides HIGH-quality, toxin-free, 100% organic cotton bedding and linen products made from hand. Click {HERE} to read a little bit more about their story.

YOU GUYS! As soon as I received my Boll & Branch boxes, which were all wrapped up so beautifully, I was overjoyed to try my new set out! I was of course already obsessed with the clean minimalistic look that they have to offer, seeing as I have a hard time finding white bedding.

While I was unwrapping the sheets and pillow cases I immediately noticed the quality of this product, even my sister-in-law was in awe of how nice they were, not that we doubted you Boll & Branch! I was just so excited to feel the quality in person and I loved knowing that I had good 100% organic cotton sheets in my hands. They were so soft and smooth!

I was anxious to put everything together and ready to put this bedding to the test!

This bedding is everything we've been hoping for, and more! Not only have we noticed the different in the quality, but we have slept great and comfortably!

Isn't this set just stunning? I mean doesn't it make you just want to jump on the bed and enjoy a good nights sleep?

Boll & Branch sent me over their gorgeous banded/white pewter sheet set which you can easily find {HERE}, along with the matching banded white/pewter standard shams which you can easily find {HERE}.

Don't forget about that duvet! We seriously haven't used our duvet in years, but not with the Boll & Branch cover on it I just want to roll up in a ball in it every day! You can find the hemmed pewter duvet cover {HERE}.

Boll & Branch also sent us a set of their hemmed white pillow cases (which you can find {HERE} ) and I am beyond thankful they did! I definitely sleep with two pillows, minimum, apologies to the Mr. on that one.... so I didn't even hesitate to put those on the extra pillows to be sure that every inch of our bed was covered in Boll & Branch.

Just a little word of caution: This luxurious bedding makes it that much harder to get out of bed in the morning!

I'm sure you spotted that amazing throw and are thinking... "I MUST have that!"

Well, I think you should too.... it is the most AMAZING throw we have ever owned! Not only does it feel like an incredible soft knit sweater just bundled all around you so comfortably, but we use it for every place in our little abode to make it that much more cozy.

One of the greatest things I love about Boll & Branch is not only that they are certified fair trade & use all organic cotton, but that they also donate a portion of their revenue to Not For Sale, an anti-human-trafficking organization. They also directly source their cotton from fair trade certified mills in India where they have growing relationships with the farmers and factory workers. They also value their skills and continue to employ many workers who now have safe work environments, benefits and are above the poverty lines due to increased wages and the being able to provide for themselves and their families. By employing workers in this type of environment, Boll & Branch has also helped reduce suicide rates.

THIS is what its all about! I absolutely love supporting companies who are fair, ethical and who are making a difference in our world right now! How amazing is that!

Needless to say I am obsessed with everything Boll & Branch is all about and could not want to support them even more! Feel free to check them out {HERE}!

To shop this full look in their style guide click {HERE}!