Kaleb + Brittany

This post is a little extra near and dear to my heart because... well its my little brother and soon to be sister-in-law!

Kaleb and Brittany have known each other for almost four years now and they have been nothing short of amazing and sweet together as a couple. Kaleb popped the ever so anticipated question to Brittany in Seaport Village in San Diego. They flew their kites in the air as they had a cute little picnic set up for lunch and as he brought the kite down something was written on it.... "Will you marry me?"....and of course without hesitation Brittany said yes!

So, we planned a fun and special engagement photo session on the beach in Laguna, Ca. I am beyond honored to share these special photos with you because they mean just a little something extra to me. It hit me that day and continues to become more real that they are getting married!

With only a couple months to go, I am ecstatic to post their session so you get to see just how amazing they are and why I love them both so much!


I am so proud of the man that you have become. You will make an amazing husband and I can't wait to watch you take on that role. You are the most selfless and serving person I know and your character shows for itself. I am lucky to be your sister and I love you!


I know I have told you this countless times, but there is no one in this whole world who could love Kaleb like you do! I am beyond thankful that its you that is becoming his wife and I already know that you will be an amazing one! You are the definition of sweetness, kindness and gentleness and God made you so perfect for my little brother. I can't wait to call you my sister- but lets face it, you practically already have been my sister, this just makes it official. I love you!